My faulty Seiko watch


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Hi fellow members

I joined your forum for advice and give advice, my history with Seiko goes back 40 years, that’s how long I have been wearing a non flashy standard Seiko watch, (although I do have a gold Rolex), If I get 10 or more trouble free service I’m happy to buy a new one, in my desk drawer I have 3 used watches, (see attachment),

In February I bought on line a new Seiko from H Samuel, from the start it would not work properly, being in lockdown it was very difficult dealing with H Samuel, so I took it up with Seiko head office in maidenhead, from the first Email the woman in charge was off handed, and unhelpful,

To cut a long story short, months of emails made things no better, even returning my watch to Seiko service twice, the last time returned on 11/AUG./2020 with a service letter, the first day lost 1/1/2 hours, stopping altogether after a week,

Speaking to the woman in charge I pointed out, sending a letter, Emails, or phoning, all end up with her, a sarcastic Email reply, I can confirm I’m the only person who can deal with this, theirs now 4 watches in my drawer,

My advice is to buy from Amazon, as much as I’m annoyed with Amazons dominance, in my experience, they will replace, or refund money with no quibbles,



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Hi Boz1, welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your story. Personally, I would never purchase a modern Seiko watch, as the machining and accuracy of modern models cannot compete with vintage. Movements were simply more accurate and well made back then. $5-$10 beaters abound on eBay!