Seiko 5 War Survivor


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I'm not a collector, but purchased this watch new at the PX on the Soc Trang, Vietnam Army Airfield in late October 1968. It is a Seiko 5 mechanical action watch model 5126-7010. Originally it had a leather band, but every three months the sweat from wearing it under a Nomex flight suit as I flew Huey helicopters would cause the band to literally rot off my wrist and I'd replace it. We didn't use metal bands as if we were caught in a fire, the band would melt into our skin. I continued to wear this watch for years, the band changed to a series of metal ones used after I stopped flying. The case of the watch is badly eroded below and above the stem, also from sweat. Some minor erosion also exists on the other side. It finally began to erratically start and stop and it sat on my dresser for many years. A few months ago I finally had it cleaned and lubes and the watch smith told me it runs smoothly and accurately now. My wife is giving me a high quality leather band for it for Christmas this year. It's just a keep sake now, a memory of that long year. It never let me down.


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Hi Chris, nice watch. Thanks for sharing. I would love to see the leather strap you've paired with it. One can never go wrong with a trusty Seiko 5. The movement is indestructible.