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Hello everybody,

I live in Bucharest, Romania and I am thinking to buy a SEIKO PROSPEX SSG015P1. In the last days I tried to find out what time zone do I have to set in case I am buying the watch but I couldn't find out so I want to know if someone from this forum can help me regarding this matter.
Because I don't know if the radio signal from Frankfurt, Germany will be ok for Bucharest, I will have to set up the time and date manually so I want to know if after I will finish the setup it will remain unchanged or I will have to fix it every morning : I read on Amazon that some buyers are complaining that every morning they have to set up again the correct time, probably they are doing something wrong.

And of course I have the option to buy another model :

SEIKO Prospex SSC707P1 or​

SEIKO Prospex SSC609P1 or​

SEIKO Prospex SSC739P1​

Thank you for your help,