6306 7001 Scubapro 450 1979


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Aug 5, 2021
Hong Kong
Hello fellow members

I have an excellent condition Seiko 6306 7001 Scubapro in my collection. Kept in a winder for years ever since it has arrived my house. Just too worry to scratch this beauty, so to cut this off, I am letting go of her.

In case you are not familiar with this specific model, please read the description below:

This piece is a bespoke model at the request of SCUBAPRO Japan at that time, manufactured by Seiko so it's a crossover (today's depiction). ONLY for Japan market so day of the week is in kanji (Chinese). This model was NOT available in watch shops BUT only available at diving speciality shops in Japan.

As a result, this model was not even well known to exist. The number of production was extremely small (some websites in Japan say only 100, but not able to verify).

As the system does not allow me to post high definition photos, Any member is interested please pm or email me donliyat@yahoo.com.hk
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